Before and After



Maxillofacial Auricular Prosthesis Before
Maxillofacial Auricular Prosthesis After

Before: Patient who lost ear in accident due to severe burns.   Craniofacial implants are placed.

After: Prosthetic ear, retained with a magnet. Custom colors completed to match the patients complexion.


Maxillofacial Nasal Prosthesis Before
Maxillofacial Nasal Prosthesis After

Before: Patient had his nose removed due to cancer.

After: Prosthetic nose and mustache, retained with a magnet attached to his denture. Custom colors were added to match the patient’s complexion.


Maxillofacial Ocular Prosthesis Before
Maxillofacial Ocular Prosthesis After

Before: Patient lost left eye due to skin disorder.

After: Prosthetic eye in place. Prosthesis is customized to match the size and color of existing right eye.


Maxillofacial Obturator Before
Maxillofacial Obturator After

Before: Patient had a portion of her maxilla removed due to cancer.

After: Area restored with partial denture obturator prosthesis. Patient can now successfully eat, speak and drink.


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